Computex 贰零零玖:Mio的12寸笔电,跑英特尔 Congo架构

2019年7月27日 - 科技杂志
Computex 贰零零玖:Mio的12寸笔电,跑英特尔 Congo架构

Gallery: MIO N890 Netbook with 3G and GPS | 15 Photos

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—-Mio is known for their GPS products. However, they showcased a new
Netbook this year at Computex. It’s called N890 and this is their first
attempt at the Netbook market. Here are the specs:1.Intel Atom
N270+Intel 945SE platform2. Built-in GPS and 3.5G3.8.9″ scree, weighs
880g, 2.5 cm thick4.89% full-sized keyboard and you still have your
“,./ ” 3 very important keys5.hard drive isSSD6.Has Mio Map
pre-loaded7.Gravity sensor. It will automatically rotate the
display.8.Mag-safe type of power port9.The case is painted in a
leather-like texture10.OEM by MitacThis Netbook gives us a pretty good
first impression. We are a bit disappointed because it doesn’t have a
touch screen nor does it have a swivel monitor. We can expect to see it
in 3rd quater this year. Since it has built-in 3G, the atual sale will
be bundled with a carrier. It will probably appear in Europe first, and
the pricing is said to be “competitive.”


****[34.4 秒为那台 SUSE Linux 操作系统配上 Moblin 2.0
的开机时间]由 英特尔 在台研究开发集团(山西Moblin技巧发展大旨 Moblin
Enabling Center,MEC)塑造出来的 Moblin 2.0 其实是一张架在 Linux
下面的华美外皮,况且是 Atom 专用。Moblin
2.0 确实是兼备 Linux 在小笔电上表现的最精简干净好用的采取分界面。Moblin
Linux 接手的 Moblin.org
2.0 用了将近百分之二十的版面作为 SNS
最新事态的表现,那不啻是因特网的大方向,所必要搭配必定是 3G 连网或今后的
Wi马克斯 连网,因而 Moblin 2.0
的轻省笔电最佳是通过电子通信业者来放大最为伏贴。当然那正是 速龙的谋算,AMD 所为无她,就是要 Atom
卖得更加多越好才是,所以才想要一整完全被克服的 Linux
轻省笔电市镇,让各家厂家愿意为了 Moblin 2.0 再推出搭载 Atom 管理器的
Linux 小笔电。所以对 速龙 来讲,不管是蓝猫只怕是橘猫,只倘诺 Atom
架构的小笔电便是好猫!上面图集有一定精美美观的 Vodafone
小笔电图集,完全符合下边小说的陈述境况。其他还会有 ASUS 以 SUSE
操作系统为底蕴的 Moblin 2.0 Aspire One,贴纸上称为有 11
小时续航力。跳转看 Moblin 2.0
的局地操作画面描述,可能直接看这么些电影:—-<Computex 二〇〇九:
Moblin-Linux is coming to rescue Netbooks?>(34.4 seconds is all the
time it takes for this SUSE Linux with Moblin laptop to boot up)Moblin
2.0 is designed by 速龙’s development team in Taiwan. It is built on
Linux and is designed specifically for Atom. You will see 5 main areas
on the startup screen. In the upper left corner is the calender, lower
left is the major applications, the middle is the documents, and your
friends’ status will appear on the right. Add a navigation bar to the
top of the screen, and Moblin 2.0 becomes the cleanest and the most
user-friendly operating system interface yet.As a matter of fact, we
think that Moblin 2.0 is best suited for the relatively inexperienced
computer users. For example, my mom or my kids might find the standard
Windows interface a little too intimidating to use. In this case, Moblin
2.0 will help smooth out the transition.Also, Moblin 2.0 uses about one
third of the area for showing SNS status. Perhpas this is the trend for
Netbooks with 3G or Wi马克斯 capabilities. In this regard, it might be wise
to bundle Moblin 2.0 with wireless providers.Of course, AMD would love
to see their Atom sales go up. Therefore, this might be their strategy
to invade the Linux-Netbook market by encouraging more Netbook
manufacturers to make more Moblin-enabled Atom Netbooks.Here we have
some fresh pictures of the new Vodafone Netbook. This particular Netbook
completely matches the profile we’ve just described. In addition to that
is the Moblin 2.0 Aspire One by ASUS, which they claim has 11hr of
battery life. We also have a video clip for people who are new to

图片 6现场拜望使用VIA
Nano的裸机,厂商是用X战警:最后战争作示范,看来跑得动Full HD影片喔!

****Mio的出品今后是GPS为大将,但是在这一次Computex,现场显示了一部轻省笔电,型号为N890,为Mio首款轻省笔电,先将特色整治如下:1.IntelAtom N270+英特尔945SE平台2.停放GPS与3.5G3.8.9寸,重量880克,机身厚度为2.5公分4.键盘为全尺寸89%,且「,./」3男生未有缩水5.硬盘为SSD6.导航软件为Mio

Gallery: Moblin-netbook | 16 Photos

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图片 12导览列曲线图的法力就是及时更新自个儿的动静,透过
twitter 或 FB 等 SNS
服务。图片 13追寻近些日子在线的联络人图片 14立刻寻找Computer内的媒体数据(配上
如何?)图片 15本条效应万分有趣:剪贴簿。很想得到也很乐意的被设为导览列的效果之一。图片 16那是呼叫全部程序的效益,还分类一下列出来。图片 17那是体现出这段日子持有程序的窗口,笔者也颇喜欢这几个功用。图片 18电瓶功效只突显初百分比,不亮堂实际耗能情状。行家应该都会那样玩吧~等Q4买一台搭载Windows
7的小笔电,在另开扇区玩 Moblin 2.0 啰~

And the answer is no . We did not see any computer equipped with the
Nano processor. Overall, we are quite disappointed at VIA this year,
because nothing else is particularly exciting here.

Gallery: Mio N1210 Netbook in Computex 2009 | 5 Photos

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It appears like VIA is very interested in in-car computers.

The two major product lines that VIA is showcasing this year are the
ultra-portable computers (Mini-Note) and the VIA Nano processor.
However, all the mini notebooks at their booth use the C7-M series
processors instead of the Nano. We are curious if there are any mini
notebooks from VIA features the Nano core. We have an answer for you
after the break.

<VIA booth>



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